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The next language interpreter training begins October 12, 2018.

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IST provides the longest-standing interpreter training program in Toronto.

Our intensive training process equips immigrant and refugee women with the skill, certification, confidence and independence to become professional Language Interpreters and vital members of the community.

Working closely with our non-profit counterpart, the Schlifer Clinic, which supports and defends women under threat of violence, has ensured our Training Program equips interpreters with an acute appreciation of cultural sensitivities.

We offer the most extensive interpreter training outside of the college system. As a consequence, our services are well-known and respected.

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Training Modules


12 Days (84 hours + Testing Day)

Certificate awarded after completing following requirements:

• 80% attendance

• passing the Post Assessment Test (written & audio, 70%)

• successful completion of 3-6 assignments

• human trafficking and sexual violence modules.


5 DAYS (35 hours)

Certificate awarded with 80% attendance.


3 DAYS (21 hours) off-site

Includes visits to the following locations to get oriented to their services:

• Domestic Violence Courts (to observe proceedings);

• Women’s College Hospital Sexual Assault Care Centre;

• PAR Program;

• Parole and Probation Office.


2 DAYS (14 hours)

To increase understanding of roles as Community Interpreters in VAW and PAR settings, as well as to provide a context to provision of services to immigrant women and other groups.

Required Qualifications

  • fluency and proficiency in English and another language
  • successful completion of the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration’s (MCI) approved Interpreter Language and Skills Assessment Tool (ILSAT)
  • successful completion of a recognized interpreter training program
  • a minimum of a high school diploma, some college and university preferred
  • familiarity with social services, including legal and health sectors
  • understanding of issues related to violence against women

“Becoming a Certified Interpreter filled me with confidence, self-esteem and energy.”

“I am really happy and passionate about my work. It has been an excellent program.”

For registration please call Marybeth at 416-323-9149, ext. 251.

Online Professional Development: Connecting Legal Services to Interpretation!

IST has two online courses designed to improve the working relationship between interpreters and legal service providers.

Connecting Legal Services to Interpretation: A Course for Interpreters is an advanced online training for interpreters who have already successfully completed an interpreter training course. The course is designed to teach interpreters how to interpret effectively in legal settings. This course is accredited by OCCI for 25 Professional Development hours.

Connecting Legal Services to Interpretation: A Course for Legal Service Providers is designed for lawyers, paralegals and other legal service providers, though it is a useful course for any professional whose work requires them to work with language interpreters. The course is intended to help service providers work better with language interpreters. The course is CPD accredited.

To self-enroll visit